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NZ Tech Podcast: Parliament dumps .govt domain, HBO Max vs Netflix, Agent Smith vs Android, D-Link vs FTC

, posted: 16-Jul-2019 23:30

This week on the NZ Tech Podcast we discuss Parliament dumping the .govt domain on their website, lithium charger vs Virgin Atlantic flight, D-Link's 10-years of security audits, US Customs surveillance contractor dumping, Agent Smith malware vs 25m Android devices, Huawei waiting game, Facebook video monetisation, HBO Max, Ring Stick Up Cam loves Amazon Echo Dot, JBL's Android TV soundbar is here (sort of), Google's solution to releasing name of Grace Millane's killer. good things (read the entire post)...

Cora VTOL: Autonomous Electric Sky Taxi from Zephyr Airworks/Kitty Hawk (Disruption Playbook)

, posted: 5-Apr-2018 22:02

From my new series Disruption Playbook comes an interview with the CEO of Zephyr Airworks, Fred Reid. Zephyr Airworks (and parent company Kitty Hawk) are being funded by Google co-founder Larry Page and have been secretly hard at work on Cora – designed as an electric autonomous sky taxi. I found out some interesting things during the interview – the most exciting for me as someone currently based in Auckland is that Zephyr Airworks are currently looking at Auckland to offer their (read the entire post)...

Ready to be an IT Support Engineer at Gorilla?

, posted: 28-Mar-2018 17:15

Gorilla Technology is looking for an IT Support Engineer who is keen and enthusiastic to join the team. If you both learn technical things very quickly and have strong people skills this could be the role for you. There is much to Gorilla's special sauce (we call it 'The Gorilla Way') that differentiates us. From an employee perspective you'll benefit from:Being part of a tight knit and friendly team who work closely together - supporting and learning from each other while sharing knowledge and (read the entire post)...

Home Tech Review: Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Purifier

, posted: 21-Dec-2017 09:04

At home, my family purchased our first Dyson product (a vacuum cleaner) in 2016 and had no complaints – so when Dyson offered to send another product in my direction my wife, Selina, suggested we should try it. So we set about trying it - with Selina also contributing to this review. In simple terms the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Purifier is an air purifier and fan with both cooling and heating capability. It utilises the bladeless fan technology that Dyson first launched in 2009 referring to it (read the entire post)...

Will Huawei become #1 in Smartphones? - NZ Tech Podcast 365

, posted: 22-Nov-2017 00:19

Direct from Shenzhen, China – journalists Tristram Clayton (NZ Herald) and Scott Bartley (NBR contributor) joined host Paul Spain to discuss the past, present and future of China's most well known tech company - Huawei. Topics include a disuccsion about visiting a Huawei smartphone manufacturing plant, the back story about Huawei's start as a small company launched with US$3,500 capital some 30-years ago in a small fishing village and opinions on whether Huawei might become the top smartph (read the entire post)...

Cloud Computing:The Pros and Cons - is it right for your business?

, posted: 16-Oct-2017 12:16

You may recall the nursery rhyme - 'Rain, Rain, Go Away'. Well some people don't just dislike rain - they also dislike cloud computing too. Does it make sense or are these people actually causing harm to their organisations? I'll give you the rundown on the Pros and Cons, and give you an idea of whether cloud computing is the right track to go down for you.

- Paul Spain

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Some people love LinkedIn and manage to gain significant earnings from it- could you use it better?

, posted: 6-Oct-2017 16:39

LinkedIn is the social network for professionals - are you one of those who could benefit from using it more? Paul Spain shares how some basic activity on LinkedIn helped generate a significant amount of earnings for his small business. Included are some simple LinkedIn tips that are easy to execute.
- Paul Spain (read the entire post)...

Video: Apple's iPhone X, iPhone 8, Watch 3 and TV 4K: innovative? or just 'me too' products?

, posted: 13-Sep-2017 23:47

It's fair to say that much of what Apple announced isn't ground breaking on its own - a watch with an embedded cellular connection - a phone with wireless charging. These technologies have been around for years. But Apple approach things a little differently and I think most fans will be pretty pleased - especially with the upcoming iPhone X which launches on November 3rd (starting at US$999 / NZ$1799 for the 64gb model). The big price tag will no doubt mean some aren't going to jumping on-board (read the entire post)...

SKY TV and other Pay TV networks are losing their way. What can we learn about staying on the right side of digital disruption?

, posted: 11-Sep-2017 23:30

Sky TV New Zealand aren't doing so well, but it's not just in New Zealand that Satellite/Cable TV providers are being impacted by disruptive forces. What can we learn from the way that traditional TV providers are being disrupted in our own fields of business and employment?
As we look forward over the next five to ten years, many Pay TV providers will shut down or cease operation unless they really work out how to compete and differentiate against the big global players - the likes of Ama (read the entire post)...

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – hands on and first impressions

, posted: 1-Sep-2017 17:27

Last week whilst in California I had a briefing on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This week I got a chance to spend some real time with it and as part of that we discussed it on NZ Tech Podcast on Tuesday. In this video I share a summary of my initial thoughts. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Paul Spain’s hands on and first impressions Is the Note 8 just the smartphone you’ve been waiting for? What stands out to you? I’d be interested in hearing your opinions on this important r (read the entire post)...