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Windows Small Business Server 2008 reaches RC0 release candidate stage (updated)

, posted: 30-May-2008 05:07

Last week I heard a whisper about Windows Small Business Server 2008 having reached released candidate stage. At first I wondered if my source was mistaken as there hadn't even been a public beta yet, and some at Microsoft had been suggesting a release at the end of 2008. With RC0 being available now, it wouldn't be a surprise to see the final product released by late August - early October timeframe (it's somewhat dependant on when SQL Server 2008 is finished).

Today however Microsoft have posted this a 'public preview' of this release to their website:

This will surely please those who have been keen to migrate from the aging Small Business Server 2003 - and it's included Exchange Server 2003.

Of note is that the new version of SBS drops Microsoft ISA Server, but in the Premium version adds a license to run a second Windows Server 2008 box, along with SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition (SBS 2003 Premium only included the Workgroup Edition of SQL Server).

To see an SBS 2008 installation and hear from a Microsoftie about setup process follow this link to the video:

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Comment by freitasm, on 30-May-2008 09:05

Well, nothing strange there about RC and betas. I am running the Windows Home Server Power Pack 1, which has been through RC0, RC1, RC2, RC3 and only now it's coming to a public beta, which will be the equivalent to RC4.

The reason for that is because of the corrupted shared files bug that causes files to be lost when opened directly from a diplicated share. You don't want THIS in public beta unless you know it is working...

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