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Microsoft Live 'Mesh' -

, posted: 3-Jun-2008 22:41

I visited over the weekend and signed up to be in queue to try the 'tech preview'. About 24 hours later I got my invite to try it.

So far I've only had a quick look, but it appears to take the file synchronisation technology previously available in 'FolderShare' (which Microsoft acquired a couple of years ago) with a bunch of new features such as 'Live Mesh Remote Desktop' to use remote applications on the computers you've got linked up. You also get a 'live desktop' of 5gb to freely sync your files to.

Currently only XP and Vista clients are supported but Mobile and Mac clients are coming soon.

This is not the sort of thing I'd recommend in a business environment, but could be a good way to get at and synchronise key items on a home computer. The main limitation is the 5gb limit but I'm sure Live Mesh will have it's uses.

Signup here: 

The lowdown on Live Mesh from Microsoft's team:

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