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Live Mesh update

, posted: 19-Jun-2008 09:19

The update below arrived in my inbox today about Microsoft's Live Mesh product. I've been using it now for a couple of weeks at home and am enjoying some of the features such as Remote Desktop style access to PCs behind a router or firewall. It's certainly a product with some potential, but it would be nice if there was an option for it handle synching larger amounts of data (even if a cost were associated).

Live Mesh Tech Preview: Version Update June 18, 2008

The Live Mesh team has been working hard to fix bugs reported by our Tech Preview users, and to include popular feature requests (such as removing the requirement that UAC be enabled in Windows Vista SP1). Below is a list of the most prominent fixes implemented in the latest Live Mesh release. Thank you for all your great feedback!


· Live Mesh is now available in all English-speaking countries (not just the U.S.)

· Removed the User Account Control (UAC) requirement when installing and using Live Mesh with Windows Vista SP1

· Index for Desktop Search now works with Live Mesh folders

· Fixed bug where an underscore in a Hotmail account name returned an "Invalid Hotmail Address" error

· Fixed bug with Silverlight 2 Beta 2 failing to load in Silverlight Media View

· Fixed bug where the notifier tooltip incorrectly indicated that Live Mesh Remote Desktop was unavailable for a computer running in non-admin mode

· Fixed bug where the Live Mesh folder icon was not displayed in the e-mail inviting someone to share a folder

· Fixed one of the bugs that caused Live Mesh to fail to start

· Fixed problem with Live Mesh returning errors when waking from sleep/hibernate

Did You Know?

You can install Live Mesh on multiple devices-then Live Mesh can keep all the folders in your mesh synchronized for you! To add a computer to your mesh, visit from the computer you wish to add, sign in, and click Add Device on the Devices page.

To get even more from Live Mesh, share folders with friends and family! Simply open a folder you've added to Live Mesh, click Members in the mesh bar, and then click Add.* Your friends will be able to access your folder as well as install Live Mesh on their devices.

* You can enter any e-mail address to invite others to a folder; it doesn't have to be a Windows Live ID. However, they will need to use a Windows Live ID to sign in to and use Live

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