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HTC branded handsets officially shipping in NZ

, posted: 10-Jul-2008 17:15

After having their handsets sold in NZ for a number of years under various other names in most cases (imate, Okta Touch, etc) HTC branded handsets are now being distributed officially in NZ. HTC is the largest manufacturer of Windows Mobile phones globally, and last time I checked their sales accounted for at least 70% of that market. That may change soon with Sony Ericsson and other making a play for a slice of the Windows Mobile market.

The first handset to launch is the powerful HTC TyTN II which provides many similar features as the Iphone but clearly a very different operating system and user interface. The TyTN II however is an older handset

The hope is that in coming weeks some of HTCs more popular handsets such as the HTC Touch Diamond will be launched here too. There is some speculation however that Apple may have insisted Vodafone not sell the HTC Touch handsets in NZ initially since they've made a massive dent in iPhone sales globally (somewhere around 3 million so far).

Here are a few specs on the TyTN II (pronounced Titan Two):
- Windows Mobile Professional 6.1
- 2.8" QVGA touch screen
- Sliding QWERTY keyboard
- 3 megapixel camera
- Wifi
- 256mb ROM, 128mb RAM
- MicroSD/MicroSDHC expansion support
- RRP of $1249 incl GST

Interestingly a successor to the TyTN II has already been announced by HTC - the HTC Touch Pro which is due to release overseas at the end of August. More details at HTC's website:

Prior to HTC being picked up by Vodafone and it's partners, HTC branded phones could only be purchased here via parallel importers, Trademe, etc.

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