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Crowd Sourcing a new logo for Cloud Labs

, posted: 27-Sep-2008 10:29

I've been fascinated by the concept known as crowd sourcing for some time, so last night I decided to start an experiment. I'm engaging the techniques of crowd sourcing to obtain a logo for Cloud Labs (one of my business interests). Right now the process interests me more than the end result - but that said I haven't any particular expectations about the outcome so maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.
So far, crowd sourcing creates as many questions as it does answers. In the case of this experiment I am very curious as to how many people will participate, and how high or the quality of their submissions will be.

Will the particpants be design students taking part in their own experiment, or will any seasoned professionals with a deeper understanding of design and branding philophies participate? I certainly wonder what drives people to participate - the challenge, the exposure, the fun of letting the creative juices flow, the small fee for the winning design, or some other goal that only a creative mind knows about?

If you'd like to follow the progress, or know some who'd like to join the experimental process by participating then take a walk to Crowd Spring:
The winning submission earns US$250, with CrowdSpring earning US$37.50 in commission.

I'll be posting updates here on the process which will take 10 days from start to finish. At the end of it you'll be able to see the new logo emblazoned on the Cloud Labs website:

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