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Update on a Crowd Sourcing experiment

, posted: 1-Oct-2008 21:43

During the early hours of Saturday morning I initiated an experiment in Crowd Sourcing at Read my previous blog entry for the details.

I am pleased to report that in less than five days I have received 96 entries. I'm staggered. If each designer was super quick and spent just 30 minutes on their design then about 50 hours of creativity has flowed so far in contributing to this experimental project.

And what do I think of the quality of the entries. Overall I am very impressed, and have raised my expectations. I fully anticipate that when the experiment closes next week that a new logo will be chosen from the entries for Cloud Labs. We recently removed our prior logo from our website, but you can see the text the new logo will replace at

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Comment by Angeline, on 2-Oct-2008 03:44

Hi Paul!

Just wanted to say hi, and thanks so much for posting a project on crowdSPRING. We're glad that you are happy with the results so far! 5 days left, and 101 entries total is fantastic, and it just proves that active buyers who write good creative briefs and take the time to leave feedback and score entries will receive positive results.

Thanks for letting us be the guinea pigs for your crowd sourcing experiment... :)

All the best,


crowdSPRING Community Manager

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