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And the winner is... (updated)

, posted: 9-Oct-2008 00:26

My experiment with crowd sourcing a new logo for Cloud Labs is over. It was clearly a success and the winner has been announced. Here it is, with respect to the designer Shtap, and the dozens of others who participated. Update: Based on comments of my blog readers it appears there is another logo being used by a local company that has some similarities to this one and they also have similarities with their name, so we're evaluating options to modify the logo accordingly.

Cloud Labs logo

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Comment by barnaclebarnes, on 9-Oct-2008 07:25

I would be cautious about using this new logo. I'm not sure if you know Karl and Matt from Cactus Lab but you might find some strikingly similar design aspects.

Comment by The Morgan, on 9-Oct-2008 13:19

What was the brief? Make it look as much like Cactuslab as possible?

Comment by Matthew Buchanan, on 9-Oct-2008 13:43

Little too close to ours for comfort?

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