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Apple releases new MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and 24'' Display

, posted: 15-Oct-2008 07:39

Apple have launched their new aluminimum MacBooks and new MacBook Pros with faster graphics capabilities. In addition new a LED backlit 24" monitor was released by Apple.

The new aluminimum MacBooks have dropped in weight to weigh in at just over 2kg. They include a multi-touch trackpad and 13.3" LED backlit screen and are available in 2.0ghz and 2.4ghz configurations operating with faster DDR3 memory. Prices for the new Macbooks have risen in New Zealand and Australia compared to pricing of the previous models. Apple will continue to sell the lowest prcied previous white MacBook however the price of this has increased here in NZ to NZ$1848 (US price is $999).

The upgraded MacBook Pro models start at NZ$3699 (US$1999) and include improved graphics - NVIDIA GeForce 9400M + 9600M GT with 256MB in the 15" models and NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT with 512MB in the 17" model.

Although various changes and new features have been included in this announcement Apple have chosen not to release any products with Blu-Ray at this time, to the surprise of some.

Full pricing and specs at the relevant Apple website for your region:

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Comment by youngpertuanargong, on 17-Oct-2008 10:04

I know Apple will eventually do it again take us by surprise with an LED display on it's PC, but caught me off guard is a 24" LED display. Apple is really's technology innovation marketing seems endlessly breathless since Steve Jobs taking back the leadership role. This prove that, a company with full of innovators brilliant minded people is not good enough if without an visionary innovated motivated leader. Same on the other way, a innovated leader but without innovated motivated brilliant minds behind, will never product the same as Apple does.

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