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Windows 7 RTM now available for download

, posted: 7-Aug-2009 07:12

The final release version of Windows 7 is now available for download for TechNet and MSDN subscribers. As yet Windows Server 2008 R2 has yet to appeared for download - and the Release Candidate version has been removed as a download.

All versions of Windows 7 are listed - from 'Windows 7 Starter' to 'Windows 7 Enterprise'. I did notice a note next to the Enterprise version stating 'If you retrieved a key for the Windows 7 Beta or RC, a Windows 7 key has been provided for your convenience'.

Tomorrow Windows 7 will be available for Volume License customers with Software Assurance for Windows.

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Comment by ZollyMonsta, on 7-Aug-2009 09:14

So, if I registered and downloaded RC7, can I also download and install this release and use the same key?

Comment by ATinyChipmunk, on 7-Aug-2009 10:02

Yea i downloading this now getting horrible speeds. (ultimate 64) getting around 80kbs i would like it done b4 i go home today to play with it over the weekend!

Author's note by paulspain, on 7-Aug-2009 10:15

Having registered/downloaded the RC of Windows 7 does not provide you a 'free pass' for access to the RTM version download. It will be for sale to the general public, etc from 22 October. Alternatively buy a TechNet or MSDN subscription to get your hands on it now.

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