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1000 people working on Windows Mobile 7

, posted: 17-Sep-2009 22:48

One of the interesting facts that was announced during TechEd this week in New Zealand was that there now is a team of 1000 people working on Windows Mobile 7. That's a fairly sizable team and suggests to me that Microsoft are really going to pull something solid out of the bag for this release next year.

It looks as though Microsoft might well not be stopping at 1000 staff on WM7 either as there are currently 65 job listings for new Windows Mobile related jobs listed here.

My thoughts are if you throw together what's in Windows Mobile 6.5, the Zune HD, a new Office 2010 client for Windows Mobile, Silverlight + Flash, plus whatever cool new tricks are up Microsoft's sleeves and they have a great chance of delivering an incredible release in 2010.

That said, I'm actually quite pleased with the features of my latest Windows Mobile (the HTC Snap from Telecom NZ attached to the Vodafone network), and will be even happier if they release Windows Mobile 6.5 for it on Oct 6.

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Comment by Ed, on 18-Sep-2009 08:09

An alternative headline could be "Microsoft Finally Freaks Out About iPhone, Android"

Author's note by paulspain, on 18-Sep-2009 08:10

Just a quick note: From now on I will also be tweeting about breaking news stories such as this at:

Comment by Tim, on 18-Sep-2009 11:34

Paul, any official word if Telecom/HTC will be releasing any upgrades to 6.5 for the snap?

Author's note by paulspain, on 3-Nov-2009 21:31

Hi Tim, yes HTC advise me they will be delivering an update for the edition of the HTC Snap released by Telecom NZ (Snap S523) during the coming weeks. It tentatively expected to be available for download from late November or early December. There are already upgrades on their site for European, Australian and Asian version of the Snap.

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