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Windows Server backup landscape changing – Backup Exec 2010, DPM 2010, LTO-5,

, posted: 4-Apr-2010 21:59

For those who rely on Windows Server's around the world, it's critical that backup and data recovery be taken extremely seriously. Fortunately the landscape of options for those tasked with taking care of this is continuing to improve.
In recent weeks some key technologies have landed:
- Symantec Backup Exec 2010 - the next generation of Symantec's flagship backup/recovery product for small to medium enterprises. Includes de-duplication and granular recovery of virtual machines.
- Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 Release Candidate (SCDPM 2010) - the latest version of Microsoft's commercial backup product for backing up Windows Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server and Windows workstations to disk/tape/cloud is very close to final release. Expect the release date to be announced very soon and for this product to start gaining more traction in the market due to an increased feature set and competitive price point.
- LTO-5 Backup Hardware/Media - finally this update to the Ultrium LTO backup family has hit the market slightly behind initial expectations and with a reduced capacity and performance. The native 1.5tb capacity is good enough for many, however IBM and Imation have recently announced they have tested an LTO style backup technology in their labs that squeezes 35gb onto a single tape. A product based on what has been tested in the labs however will take some years to see the light of day. Right now we still don't have a schedule even for LTO-6 which should bring capacity to 3tb per tape. (For reference, pricing of LTO-5 drives is initially starting at about US$8000, and media at US$180 per tape)

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