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Silverlight 4 has landed for PC and Mac – coming soon to TVs

, posted: 16-Apr-2010 07:56

Today Microsoft have released Silverlight 4 runtime for Windows and Mac. The download has grown to 6mb for Windows and 8.7mb for Mac. Also finalised are the developer tools. This release comes hot on the heals of the release of Visual Studio 2010 yesterday.

Downloads are here:

Silverlight 4 Runtime for Windows download
Silverlight 4 Runtime for Mac download
Silverlight 4 Development Tools for Visual Studio 2010
Expession Blend 4 download (RC)
Visual Studio 2010

In addition to be available for Windows and Mac, Silverlight is also coming to various phones (Nokia, Windows Phone), TVs, set top boxes and blue ray players in the future (and possibly the Xbox 360).

If you have Silverlight installed you can watch the Silverlight 4 launch video here (be sure to advance through to the starting point).

Learn about Silverlight 4 features

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Comment by Steve:, on 16-Apr-2010 08:48

Um, those links are for Silverlight 3, at least the Mac one is . . .

Comment by Bauer Brian, on 16-Apr-2010 13:15

Your link for the Mac Silverlight 4 actually goes to a Silverlight version 3 download.

Author's note by paulspain, on 16-Apr-2010 15:30

Oops, I have updated the link now. Will double check on my Mac in a minute to confirm this is correct now.

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