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Leak: Flash and Turn by Turn GPS Navigation coming to Windows Phone 7 this year? (Updated)

, posted: 22-Apr-2010 12:42

According to images leaked to Engadget today, a new Windows Phone 7 device from Dell is coming out in Q4. The device, branded Dell and with the model name of 'Lightning' has listed functions of: Flash, Flash Video and Silverlight inside the browser.
Also mentioned is Turn by Turn navigation using the built-in GPS. It's as yet unclear if this is using a new unannounced Bing Maps product or a 3rd party navigation application.
Interestingly the initial article from Engadget about the Dell Lightning seems to miss the previously unknown info about Flash and Turn by Turn navigation which was found on the slides/images they published. Most reports so far suggest this leak contains real and is not a hoax, however I am yet to receive any confirmation from Dell or Microsoft. The most suspicious part is the images which are from the Zune HD homescreen - although the Zune UI is similar to the Windows 7 UI, this does not appear to be actual Windows Phone 7 imagery.

Also, if Flash were to be available for Windows Phone 7 this year, it would suggest Microsoft are allowing some developers (such as Adobe) to build native applications, rather than just Silverlight or XNA. That's not something we've heard before.
See all the Dell Lightning slides and images here.
Dell Lightning
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