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Turn-by-Turn Navigation a sure thing for Windows Phone 7 (and here now for Windows Mobile 6.x)

, posted: 12-May-2010 16:29

In confirmation of details leaked on this blog in recent weeks, Windows Phone 7 will have Turn-by-Turn GPS navigation capabilities - via Bing Maps. In an indication which seemingly verifies this Microsoft have already launched an updated version of Bing Maps for Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 that provides turn-by-turn GPS navigation for U.S. based users.

With Microsoft having over 1000 people working on the launch of their new mobile operating system, this is no reason to believe this functionality won't also be available later this year with Windows Phone 7 handsets.

If you'd like to see if the current Bing Maps GPS app works on your current Windows Mobile handset download the latest version from Outside of the U.S. you can go into settings and change your language to U.S. English to be offered the download - however it doesn't support all devices and regions effectively.

The official list of supported handsets currently for this version of Bing Maps (this will improve over time) is:
  • HTC Fuze
  • HTC Pure
  • HTC HD2
  • HTC Tilt 2
  • HTC Touch Diamond 2
  • HTC Touch HD
  • HTC Touch Pro
  • HTC Touch Pro 2
  • Motorola Q9c
  • Samsung Jack
  • Samsung Omnia II
  • Samsung Propel
  • T-Mobile Dash 3G

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Comment by freitasm, on 12-May-2010 16:36

I installed this earlier this morning and although my device is not in the "official" list (an AT&T LG eXpo) it ran without a problem. It shows up a dialog "This device is not supported, but it should run fine" just in case, o the first time you run it.

The UI is heaps better than before. The Settings page is well done and I wish some of the Windows Mobile devices so far had that design.

Comment by nzsouthernman, on 13-May-2010 08:48

Do the maps cache to the device, and can you use the turn-by-turn navigation without an internet connection available?

Comment by lapimate, on 17-May-2010 20:54

Bing Mobile Version 5.1.2010.5040 Touch Diamond T5362 TD2, WMP 6.5.[1]

The NZ maps (aerial or street) compared with Google 4.1.0 seem to have rather limited zoom and will not zoom up to show street numbers.

The voice recognition capability is markedly inferior in my experience to that of Google 4.1.0.

Comment by lapimate, on 17-May-2010 21:10

The "GPS-Tracking" location feature works OK, but the "Locate Me" feature (which I understand relies on cell-phone tower datum points) appears not to work. Both these features work independently on this TD2 'phone in Google 4.1.0 (NZ Telecom XT).

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