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Final iPhone 4 specs and photos (confirmed)

, posted: 7-Jun-2010 10:16

Final images and details have been released about the iPhone 4 by Apple. Take a look here at the images and details. This article is all now confirmed official - rather than the unconfirmed details originally listed yesterday - though largely predictions were almost exact except that there is no 64gb edition.

  • First availability from 24 June (July in NZ, Australia, and many others)
  • Faster CPU (A4 CPU made by Apple)
  • Higher screen resolution (960x640 pixels)
  • Multitasking
  • Improved Camera with higher resolution  and LED flash
  • Front-facing camera and Video Calling
  • Improved battery life
  • iOS 4
  • 720p HD video recording
  • Unified Inbox (incl multiple Exchange accounts)
  • Improved wifi (802.11n)
  • Quad band 3G UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz)


It will be interesting to see how the iPhone HD stacks up once manufacturers release handsets with Windows Phone 7 later in the year which is rumoured to have a bunch of features that will trump the iPhone (more here on Windows Phone 7 RC1). Also, Google continue to update the feature set of Android and are likely to try and improve the look and feel of the user interface over the coming year. But can anyone beat Steve Jobs and the mighty brand that is Apple?

Of note is that Apple seems to be losing it's grip on keeping info about it's latest products secret. With previous iPhone and key Apple releases very little has been known until Steve Jobs publicly announced it. Is Apple's secrecy veil gone for good?

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Comment by johnr, on 7-Jun-2010 10:23

Looks real

Author's note by paulspain, on 7-Jun-2010 10:49

Johnr - a comment like that from yourself as part of Vodafone carrys a lot of weight.

Comment by johnr, on 7-Jun-2010 10:55

@Paulspain I carry a lot of weight alright about 10kg to much

Comment by alasta, on 7-Jun-2010 11:05

All of this sounds feasible, and consistent with information that has been floating around in recent weeks.

Comment by red, on 7-Jun-2010 11:36

it looks real, just i dont think it will come in other colors, other than black and white.

Comment by chiefie, on 7-Jun-2010 11:47

Did you get the news from TUAW? They have updated it to say it's a fake.

Though, it is a nice looking device.

Comment by alsta, on 7-Jun-2010 11:48

Top image hardware is probably right although the image is faked as it's showing old firmware with the "SMS" messages icon (disappeared with 3.0)

The second image has already been shown to be fake.

The most likely true images are from gizmodos stolen/lost phone series,

Comment by freebiejeebies, on 7-Jun-2010 11:50

Not too sure if them images are real or not, first one looks like the screen from an iPhone 3G, not even the 3GS as it has no compass etc. The second image looks like photoshopped and photographed from a bad computer screen.

Who knows, we'll find out tomorrow or if not this week.

Author's note by paulspain, on 7-Jun-2010 11:54

Okay, it definitely appears the images have been faked. In any case, the full truth will be available tomorrow. I'll update this piece as more info comes to hand...

Comment by MakX, on 7-Jun-2010 12:29

Yeah the only leak that's believeable is Gizmodo's and the Taiwan? source.

I'd be pretty confident that it's the design Apple will be using. Steve will have some awkward questions to answer at the end .

Comment by lotech, on 7-Jun-2010 13:15

Bro, listing those as 'final' specs is a bit weak. Half the features you list are features of the OS - which have been announced months ago.
No storage space have been ever spec'd and you're guessing they're be a 64gb. Sure it's likely but instead of writing (tbc) just write - (I guess).
But hey - you're certainly not alone with big news also writing crap about a product we all know exsist but know little about -
How can they get away with printing crap like this if only to get people clicking on links to puff peices ahead of time.
Nothing is truely confirmed until tomorrow morning @ 5am NZST.

Author's note by paulspain, on 7-Jun-2010 13:39

@lotech ... naturally nothing is final until it's final, hence the note at the end of the first paragraph: "This is all necessarily 'unofficial' leaked details until the official announcement tomorrow, however will update these details following the launch."

Pop back tomorrow and the gaps will be filled in and there will be some real images.

Comment by carkitter, on 7-Jun-2010 15:24

But hey - you're certainly not alone with big news also writing crap about a product we all know exsist but know little about -
How can they get away with printing crap like this if only to get people clicking on links to puff peices ahead of time.

I agree: The Android comments come across sounding biased considering that the only real penetration Android has is in the US and even then all indicators point to Apple being ahead. I am not a Android hater, I just call it as I see it.

How can they print speculation about pricing when 1) they have no real idea, and 2) most people buy on subsidised plans and Vodafone would be weeks away from finalising pricing.

Plus they still can't give up on Flash support even though the prospect of that is dead and buried.

Tomorrow can't come soon enough.

Comment by iulian, on 7-Jun-2010 18:41

here is the presentation for the new iphone hd

Comment by NickG, on 7-Jun-2010 22:48

The picture is fake. The font is incorrect and definitely not Miriad Pro font that Apple ALWAYS display the iPhone text in.

Comment by corksta, on 8-Jun-2010 07:55

Video calling isn't via iChat though.

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