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Did Apple Lie? Steve Jobs admits iPhone 4 hardware has issues with reception

, posted: 17-Jul-2010 07:43

Apple held a press conference today where Steve Jobs admitted that the iPhone 4 does have reception issues with it's hardware - this is in conflict to a previous press statement that said the issue was a software one. Interestingly Steve Jobs says ALL other smartphones also have the same sort of problem. In the press conference Apple showed video footage of a number of other smartphones experiencing related issues. In some quick testing here I have yet been unable to replicate the issues yet with devices such as the HTC HD2 and the iPhone 3G.

So did Apple's Public Relations team lie about the problem initially? It would seem unlikely that they would put out a statement was deliberately false, however there are some who believe that's exactly what they did. I don't agree.

Steve Job's advised some other interesting stats during the press conference:
- 6% of iPhone 3GS models were returned to AT&T
- So far, less that 2% of iPhone 4 handsets have been returned to AT&T - though customers have 30-days to trial the handset before it needs to be returned - the iPhone 4 has been available less than 1 month
- 0.55% of iPhone 4 owners have so far called Apple Support complaining about reception issues (i.e. 10s of thousands of customers - or 5500 per million customers) - a fairly high number of calls - but not enough to suggest the reception issues are bugging the majority of users.

To work around the reception issue Apple are offering customers a free 'bumper' for their phone to wear. Not exactly something that helps with the stylishness factor of the device, but a suitable workaround nonetheless. Will this impact sales of the device - not if most iPhone buyers are like those parodied in a recent Youtube video.

If you have Quicktime you can watch Steve Jobs video annoucement regarding the problems here.

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