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Windows Phone 7 software (RTM) ships – is an update coming on launch day?

, posted: 2-Sep-2010 10:05

At a point where the anticipation for Windows Phone 7 seems to be reaching fever pitch amongst many gadget lovers and Microsoft faithful, it has been announced that the Windows Phone 7 software has been released to handset manufacturers.

In the October/November timeframe the public can expect to see a range of handsets released from a selection of manufacturers that includes LG, Dell, Samsung and Asus.

Over the next few days I will post a detailed preview of the Windows Phone 7 software here based on my own hands on experience and feedback from others.

As anyone who purchased a Zune HD at launch knows, Microsoft shipped an initial software version with each device, but on launch day purchasers were able to download an even newer version. There’s a likelihood in my opinion that the same may happen with Windows Phone 7 – stay tuned.

As part of the announcement Microsoft have advised they have listened to those using test handsets and have changed how Facebook contacts are handled within the phone. Previously all Facebook contacts where merged with a users own contacts from the email system however many complained that they didn’t want this. Now there is an option so users can configure according to their own preferences.

More here from the Microsoft team.

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