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Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) beta shines

, posted: 16-Sep-2010 18:24

I have been using the new Internet Explorer 9 beta today and have been very impressed so far. Bearing in mind it's just a beta and still likely some months away from final release it's reliability and responsiveness is excellent. IE 9 is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

With Internet Explorer 9's improved performance and standards support including HTML5 it seems to address most techical reasons why Windows users have often been using competing browsers. But it doesn't stop there - IE9 goes further by delivering impressive GPU assisted performance and 95/100 in the ACID3 browser test.

The Windows 7 style user interface in IE 9 is clean and uncluttered. It's great to see Microsoft delivering quality design across more and more products.

Other changes:
- The address bar now also acts as search window
- Support for 64-bit flash when running on 64-bit hardware (Adobe released their 64-bit flash beta today)
- A much faster JavaScript engine
- Pinning of Webpages to the Taskbar in Windows 7
- Web Open Font Format support
- Download reputation

Microsoft have published a bunch of sample pages that show offmany of IE9's new features including HTML 5 based demos that leverage your PCs graphics card GPU.

There are already lots of screenshots floating around the web. I'll upload some on mine shortly. I'll also add more to this blog entry as I've delved more into the features of this new browser.

You can download IE9 here from the Internet Explorer 9 download page:





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Comment by Ragnor, on 16-Sep-2010 20:35

IE8 was released in August 2008, in that time the Chrome project released 6 versions and with the browser automatically updating itself most people running Chrome are running the latest version.

Microsoft's speed of iteration is too slow and at release IE9 will be outclassed by newer versions of Firefox and Chrome imo. 

Comment by raab, on 16-Sep-2010 21:36

Funny you mention "The address bar now also acts as search window" when one of the "features" of IE8 is that is separates the address and search bar thus giving it a scoring mark for "privacy" against Chrome and Firefox.

I'll stick with Chrome thanks. 

Comment by freitasm, on 16-Sep-2010 22:53

Installed it, and it's fast... Bring it on!

Comment by bongojona, on 20-Sep-2010 07:55

The beta crashed on me within 10 minutes and would not restarted. Was browsing a MS html5 site to try it out and am running win 7 64 bit.

Very slick while it lasted tho

Comment by Linuxluver, on 21-Sep-2010 08:18

I downloaded the version of the IE 9 beta intended for Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit, but when I try to install it, it says my version of Windows isn't supported. 

BAU for MS in my (long) experience. 

Author's note by paulspain, on 21-Sep-2010 09:20

@Linuxluver: It's not strange that the beta won't work on Windows Server 2008 R2 - as mentioned in the first paragraph of my article it's been made available for Windows Vista and Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit) - no mention of any Windows Server support.

I'm sure there a plenty of things you can blame any company for lots of things - but your inability to read isn't likely their fault.

Comment by d3Xt3r, on 26-Sep-2010 11:44

This is great news. Although I'll be sticking with Chrome and Firefox, IE 9 is good news in general for the web. Hopefully this means that IE 6&7s usage will go down and webdevs won't have to waste their time anymore on writing code for those archaic monsters.

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