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Windows Phone 7 Global Launch Date confirmed – NZ likely to be first in the World

, posted: 4-Oct-2010 16:08

Windows Phone 7 logoMicrosoft have confirmed via an online event posting that the global launch of Windows Phone 7 will take place on 11 October 2010. See this event (now full) on Microsoft's website for the details of a T-Mobile launch event (one of a number of launch events happening globally on that date). The event invite is signed by Hemang Patel - Windows Phone Solutions Strategist (Microsoft).

Here is the Agenda:

  • 3:05 - 3:10 - Microsoft Executive Keynotes
  • 3:10 - 3:30 - Windows Phone 7 with Microsoft Products and solutions
  • 3:30 - 4:30 - T-Mobile reps will be present for device showing and their service offering discussion  / Microsoft developer architect will demonstrate Windows Phone 7 applications

Based on what I'm hearing these are the dates I expect handsets to be available to consumers around the world:

  • Australia/New Zealand - 21 October 2010
  • Asia - from 21 October 2010 (availability varies by country)
  • Europe - from 21 October 2010 (availability varies by country)
  • USA - 8 November 2010 (maybe this will move forward to line up with the rest of the world)

Due to timezone differences it's likely New Zealand will be the first country in the world to sell Windows Phone 7 handsets, followed soon after by Australia. Microsoft will neither confirm nor deny this information so it's vaguely possible that information that has leaked out so far is incorrect, however all will be revealed in just 7 days there isn't long to wait for full and final confirmation.

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Comment by billgates, on 4-Oct-2010 18:46

I'll be at the telecom store first in the queue to buy the samsung GT- I8700 even if they have a mid night luanch (doubted)

Comment by BIll Gates Jnr, on 4-Oct-2010 19:18

Good to see Bill down under to queue for one of the first WP7s in the world.....right behind you Bill.....seriously good to see NZ on the list of countries first to get it.....makes a change

Comment by Michael, on 4-Oct-2010 19:28

That's great news, looking forward to it.

That screen on the samsung looks amazing.

Comment by crumpers, on 5-Oct-2010 10:25

Do we know if it is telecom or voda?

Author's note by paulspain, on 5-Oct-2010 10:36

@crumpers: I expect both Telecom NZ and Vodafone NZ to have Windows Phone 7 handsets available at launch. Formal announcement is just days away so you'll have confirmed details then.

Comment by Linuxluver, on 5-Oct-2010 11:53

I'm uncomfortable with Microsoft's "indemnifying" companies who buy Win7 licences....and then turning around and sueing companies (Motorola) who don't.

That looks, feels and smells like extortion.

Microsoft's dodgy business practices in the past 30 years have left me very reluctant to buy any of hteir products...and their approach to the mobile market now merely confirms that unease.  

Comment by chiefie, on 5-Oct-2010 20:17

You're mentioned by

Comment by billgates, on 5-Oct-2010 21:19


Microsoft is not forcing companied to buy windows phone 7 lienses. Companies like hTC, Samsung, Dell, LG, Sony Erriccon, Asus and
Toshiba are manufactuirng wp7 devices because it's a sold OS and solid platform unlike Android which is plagued by fragmentation.

I am confused at to why you are bringing motorola into this? Microsoft is suing them because Motoroal did not pay Microsoft to use their activesync technology which Microsoft worked hard to create. How is it unfair to protect your work? Android is free but did you know that hardware manufacturer's have to pay google to install google apps on android phones like google maps, gmail etc.

Google does not protects it's hardware partners from getting sued. It's up to the hardware manufacturer's to pay the royalties/fees to use other company's patentded technology or software.

Microsoft's charge of wp7 OS does not just includes the cost of OS but it also assures it's hardware partners that it's protected from getting sued by random companies. Microsoft has a HUGE library of patents that it owns.

Classic case is of recently where Apple has sued hTC for android patents that it claims are their's. Google has backed off and cannot provide any support to hTC. hTC is on their own on this one. hTC also had to pay Microsoft few millions because they were also breaching Microsoft's patents when deploying the android software on their handsets. Microsoft never sued them but did notfiy them that you are breaching our patents. Either stop it or pay us to use our technology. hTC did the right thing and paid them.

Motorola decided not to and Microsoft is taking them to court because very simply Motorola owes them money. To me Android is nothing but a joke.

Comment by Kiwipixter, on 6-Oct-2010 10:38

they better do a good launch with decent handsets from reputable OEMs, not LGs or Asus, because this the last chance for M$ in the smartphone market.

Comment by Linuxluver, on 7-Oct-2010 08:38

billgates: Thanks for the Microsoft party line. I'm well aware of it. I've been in the software / IT industry for 30 years in NZ. I prefer the reality I have witnessed with my own eyes to any company press release.

In this case, Microsoft "indemnified" with the one hand those who bought its software...and sued with the other those who did not. 

This is nothing new - to me. It's the same-old, same-old.

Microsoft gave SCO US$35 million to sue IBM and everyone else over Linux in an attempt to spread FUD about the intellectual property in Linux. That campaign came to nothing and SCO didn't win a single claim. But it took most of a decade to come to that conclusion. 

Microsoft gave Corel Systems tens of millions of dollars - provided it dropped Corel Linux. That became Xandros Linux after Corel dropped it. There are many more well documented examples, large and small of these "ethically-challenged" business practices. 

Microsoft using cash and baseless claims in the courts to scuttle competition is what they do. 

I believe we are seeing the same stragegy being played out in mobile....and the evidence to date, combined with the experience of the past....tends to support such a view. 


Comment by billgates, on 8-Oct-2010 22:08

@Linuxluver - Motorola sued Apple the day after Microsoft sued Motorola for patent infrigements. Did Microsoft pay Motorola too to sue Apple?

Simple fact is that motorola did not pay microsoft to use it's activesync technology and hence they got sued. Chances are motorola will settle the case out of court with microsoft. Latest I have heard today is that motorola might now actually make wp7 handsets. and microsoft might drop the lawsuit.

Microsoft payed SCO $6million btw. Anyways SCO decided and sued Novell and other companys not microsoft.

As mentioned before, problem with android is that google does not protects it's hardware partners from getting sued because they infrgine so many patents. It's up to the OEM's to pay for licenses. If you are not going to do that then well you can't blame microsoft and apple for protecting their technology.

Comment by julio leger, on 20-Oct-2010 15:24

i cannot wait! im a die hard wm user and has been forced to digest the android os. As soon is it comes out im dropping this restricted free for all htc "evil" android.

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