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Zune 4.7 client for Windows Phone 7

, posted: 11-Oct-2010 23:15

In the last 2 hours Microsoft have quietly made available the update version of the Zune client software in anticipation of the release of Windows Phone 7 in a few hours.

This release is an update to the previous 4.2 and 4.x releases aimed at support the Zune HD and previous Zune MP3 media players. The .7 in the version (rather than for instance 4.3) is a tip of hat to this release being compatible with Windows Phone 7. You can use it update the firmware on your handset, download and sync content (music, movies, podcasts, tv programmes, etc)

Get the Zune 4.7 software 32-bit version here and 64-bit version here. A corporate full installer that supports 32-bit and 64-bit systems is here. Note existing 4.2 can update to version 4.7 from inside the software - like this:


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