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NZ Tech Podcast: The #1 Podcast in New Zealand?

, posted: 23-Mar-2011 16:18

imageLast night we recorded and put online the third episode of the 'NZ Tech Podcast'. Today I was pleasantly surprised to see we're in iTunes as the top Podcast in NZ. It feels good to be sitting above Ricky Gervais, TED talks, BBC, etc. How long that will last I don't know - but it's nice to have some extra attention courtesy of Apple and iTunes. Many thanks to all who are listening in and especially those spreading the word.

This episode is hosted by Paul Spain, Bradley Borrows and Skip Parker and as usual features our mix of local + international gadget and technology discussion.

Topics covered in this episode include the Snapper launch in Auckland, RSA SecurID hacking, super fast new Intel SSDs, Netflix/Zune access from NZ, Telstra/Vodafone 4G network upgrades and a 2degrees announcement. We ran out of time to talk about IE9 and Firefox 4 but have them on the agenda for the next episode.

The NZ Tech Podcast is available via both iTunes and the Zune marketplace or you can head across to for direct links and downloads.

Any feedback and comments are appreciated as the show format will continue to develop in future episodes.

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