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Office 365 beta

, posted: 19-Apr-2011 21:28


After a few months of limited access, Microsoft have opened up the Office 365 beta on a global basis. Office 365 is the successor to Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), Office Live Small Business, and Live@edu.

Office 365 is a cloud offering delivering a bundle of the latest versions of Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Lync, and Microsoft Office via the Internet. And as I reported last year, Microsoft have dramatically reduced pricing on their cloud offerings compared with the point they started at. It is understood that Office 365 pricing will be even more compelling that current BPOS pricing in most cases.

Monthly subscription prices will start at US$6 per user with local pricing varying by region (app $9 is anticipated starting point in NZ). Expect higher pricing for more advanced versions - some of which include the full version of Microsoft Office for local installation on your PC. It is also likely there will be a small discount available for charitable/not-for-profit organisations.

In initial testing I have been extremely impressed with Office 365 - a dramatic difference to other online suites such as Google Apps. I'll feed back more as I put it through it paces a little more.

You can sign up for the beta here, follow @Office365NZ on Twitter and check for New Zealand specific news about Office 365.

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Comment by chiefie, on 19-Apr-2011 22:57

Tried to add a do Ian that was previously on BPOS (trial) however when sending email to the added domain, I received 550 no mail relay.

Found a forum post that suggested the issue is with domain being previously used with BPOS as trial.

Comment by bigal_nz, on 20-Apr-2011 19:20


Your right. Ring the trial support line and they manually delete the record that causes the problem.

I have gone from BPOS to 365 ok.


Comment by chiefie, on 21-Apr-2011 11:32

Bloody useless with O365 Service Request!!!
I logged a SR and got closed twice without any action!
A domain that I used previously on BPOS Trial HAD to be removed from there before adding to O365!! Undocumented step!
As for me, I don't have access to BPOS Trial and what can I do? The suggestion was to log SR to get it sorted, yet the same SR got closed twice! So where's the support for me then?!
The forums I posted my comments on:

Author's note by paulspain, on 21-Apr-2011 12:59

@Chiefie I've used the support for Microsoft online services and have found it outstanding. With BPOS there was a number you could call and they looked after my request quite quickly.

Comment by chiefie, on 21-Apr-2011 15:12

Umm Paul, why can't they action it from my O365 Service Request?!

@Bigal_nz what's the trial support line? 

Author's note by paulspain, on 21-Apr-2011 15:20

@chiefie I'm not sure - but bear in mind Office 365 is still beta - so some of the support staff will be new (and their internal knowledge base will still be getting established).

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