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NZ Tech Podcast: CIA, Kindle, Skype, Telecom NZ, Xbox 360

, posted: 25-Apr-2011 08:09

The latest episode of the NZ Tech Podcast is packed full of news and updates on Microsoft MIX 11 conference, Amazon Kindle, Skype Security problems, Telecom NZ $12m fine and network outage, Windows Phone 7 Mango, Xbox 360, CIA vs, Internet Explorer 10 and more.

With a large amount of Microsoft related content we invited Nathan Mercer back to the studio (he was a guest 2 weeks prior). He joined usual hosts Paul Spain and Brad Borrows, with Skip Parker handling audio production.

Running to nearly 50 minutes, this is our longest episode yet. Please continue to feedback – especially via our Facebook page or Twitter. We're still working on getting live audio streaming going but are hopefully to at least be accessing Geekzone chat during the recording of the next Episode due after Easter (recording currently scheduled for approx 5.30-6pm start on , 26 April)

Get the Podcast here at or Subscribe via iTunes or Zune.

Note: We had reports of issues with downloading the NZ Tech Podcast via iTunes recently. Those issues should now be resolved.

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Comment by walt12, on 26-Apr-2011 11:05

The podcast is far too Microsoft-centric.  Understandable given one of your number works for said organisation, but call it something that reflects that.

Author's note by paulspain, on 28-Apr-2011 01:27

That's an interesting perspective. The feedback we've had is that people enjoy the mix of content that covers a broad range of technologies and services from companies Apple, Google, Microsoft, Vodafone, Telecom, 2degrees and many others. Naturally some companies will get more attention because they're the biggest players in the industry. Hence the attention Microsoft, Google and Apple get on the Podcast. If you've only listened to episode 7 this week there was a lot of Microsoft news Following the MIX 11 conference hence some added attention.

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