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World's biggest security breach as 77 million users data stolen from Sony PlayStation Network and Qriocity service?

, posted: 27-Apr-2011 18:38

In what may be the biggest ever publicly disclosed hacking incident - Sony's PlayStation Network and Qriocity service has been broken into. It seems possible that the network could be down for weeks (if not months) if Sony are are to fully address the concerns of their global customer base.

Media indicates that personal data of some 77 million users has been compromised - including passwords - and most likely also credit card details too. Sony have give details via their US PlayStation website (see below).

The indicdent first become public knowledge last week when Sony took the PlayStation Network and Qriocity service offline following admission their network had been compromised. Today they admitted just how serious and widespread the issue was (following initial suggestions that the outage would last 1-2 days).

The statement that Sony have released indicates that the network was compromised and data stolen during the period 17-19 April 2011. They now have an external security audit being undertaken to find out what happened and how they can secure customer data in the future.

The question now is what will be the impact on Sony's PlayStation brand? Will customers trust them going forward or will they move to competitors products? And how will this security breach impact the long term value of Sony as a company or will it mark a decline in the company's share price and future earnings?

Today's update from Sony US can be found here: US announcement and similar NZ announcement. Interestingly it wasn't deemed important enough by Sony to get an obvious mention on their US or other national homepages.

The matter was also discussed on the latest episode of the NZ Tech Podcast which will be released online this evening.

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Comment by 1080p, on 28-Apr-2011 09:08

I just got e-mail from Sony letting me know my details have been stolen. Luckily I have never entered my credit card details.

Word is that ANZ/National customers who are PSN customers are already going to be looked after. Just contact your bank and let them know and they will sort out the rest.

Comment by dclegg, on 28-Apr-2011 16:39

I got my email today. Unfortunately Sony do have my credit card details. I rang my bank (BNZ), and they assure me that I'm protected against all fraud, and that their fraud team is actively monitoring the situation. I was also given the option to have a new card re-issued, but was advised that this probably isn't necessary at this stage.

Comment by PlayTVuser, on 28-Apr-2011 17:06

Ditto - we are also with BNZ.  They are unconcerned at this point.  You can have new cards issued FOC (free of charge) if you desire.

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