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Windows Phone Mango detailed–new handsets coming

, posted: 25-May-2011 03:56

Over the weekend I published some details on Windows Phone NZ of what it was anticipated Microsoft would include in the next release of Windows Phone - currently code named 'Mango'.

Much of that information is now official and I can confirm most of the predictions were accurate - however some parts of Mango have been shown in more detail than seen previously and there is a little lack of clarity around some potential features.


In addition to new features Microsoft have announced that all existing Windows Phone manufacturers will release updated Windows Phone Mango handset this year. Those manufacturers are HTC, Dell, LG and Samsung.

And with the Mango release new vendors have been disclosed in addition to Nokia who announced their commitment to Windows Phone earlier in the year. The new vendors are Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE.

Key new feature categories include:

  • End User
  • IT Management
  • Developer:

Below is summary of these new features in list form - these details are collated from the overnight press event and other prior announcements from Microsoft sources (some are still not officially confirmed by all pointers suggest this list is accurate). Many features however are not done justice in this list format and more information and video content will be published here in due course to highlight what these new capabilities mean for Windows Phone Mango users.

End User features
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • New Bing capabilities - including Local Scout, Bing Vision
  • Read aloud SMS messaging and spoken replies
  • Linked Inboxes (bring multiple email accounts together)
  • Pinning of email folders to the home screen
  • Impressive Hubs: People, Office, Xbox
  • Custom Ringtones
  • Full Skydrive and Office 365 Support
  • Twitter integration
  • Integration of Instant Messaging (IM) with Text Messages (SMS)
  • Multitasking
  • Email conversation view
  • Group IM and SMS
  • Facebook chat
  • Skype app
  • Spoken Turn-by-turn navigation (in some countries)
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Album art on lock screen
IT Management
  • Rights Managed email access
  • Ability to rollout apps to corporate users (bypassing the app store)
  • New Software Developer Kit with numerous improvements - available here
  • New APIs supporting many new capabilities such as direct access to camera / video stream
  • Ability to share beta apps with up to 100 users
  • SQL CE and Linq to SQL
  • Combining of XNA and Silverlight in a single app


(As usual, I may update this article as more information comes to hand - so be sure to follow @PaulSpain and @WindowsPhoneNZ on twitter)

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