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NZ Tech Podcast: Pacific Fibre/Vodafone, PS3, HP changes, TechEd

, posted: 27-Aug-2011 23:02

This week we talked about big changes at HP with the cancellation of the WebOS based TouchPad - and a possible sell off of the PC and Laptop division. We naturally discuss the HP TouchPad sell off in NZ as @NZTechPodcast was the first to share this via Twitter in advance.

This week NZ's biggest technology conference arrives in Auckland. Other topics covered include the ThinkPad X1 (finally!), Office 365 outage for some US users, impact of Samsung Galaxy Tab patent issues with Apple reducing, Pacific Fibre/Vodafone NZ announcement and Sony PlayStation 3 price reductions.

In addition we correct a statement last week in regards to NZ's largest school - which is actually the The Correspondence School (of which I am a past student).

As usual, you can stay tuned for latest updates via Twitter @NZTechPodcast, the website and our facebook page.

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