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NZ Tech Podcast: Ultra Fast Broadband, Police Drones, Kindle Fire and Black Friday

, posted: 30-Nov-2011 23:30

This week the NZ Tech Podcast starts with an exclusive interview about NZ Ultra Fast Broadband with John Greenhough - CTO of Crown Fibre Holdings (CFH). Established in 2010 by the Government, CFH exists to ensure Ultra Fast Broadband capabilities are provided to NZ homes, schools and businesses via investment partnerships with private companies.

For more information about NZ's Ultra Fast Broadband network, refer to our blog post featuring online resources about Ultra Fast Broadband in NZ.

Next Brad joins in from the US and we discuss the Black Friday and Cyber Monday tech bargains, a new piracy law, first impressions of the Kindle Fire, Squeeze Box Radio and more. We also hear about Police Drones policing Seattle from the air. In closing we discuss Netflix and the ITEX conference along with TelstraClear's unmetered weekend.

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