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The best NZ Tech Podcast discussions and interviews of 2011

, posted: 3-Jan-2012 22:05

Brad Borrows and Skip Parker have collated two NZ Tech Podcast 'best of' episodes featuring the most interesting discussions and guests that featured during 2011. Covered is everything from the rise and fall of Web OS and the death of Steve Jobs through to a seat at the WPC conference to hear Steve Ballmer and Richard Branson.

Keep an eye out for next show which focuses on the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 (CES) direct from Las Vegas.

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Comment by troy, on 10-Jan-2012 01:04

hey guys.....just stumbled on this site and your podcasts, really enjoyed your most recent podcasts with the likes of microsoft's steve ballmer and local comedian dai henwood

I think the site content and podcast discussions are pretty on par with major U.S sites like engadget and gizmodo, keep up the great work!

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