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HP Converged Cloud: Smart and Innovative

, posted: 16-Apr-2012 21:31

In recent days I've been in Sydney, Australia hearing from Hewlett-Packard staff and executives about their newly announced cloud offerings. Though HP may have been slow to announce a broad cloud vision - now that it's here it sounds comprehensive and well thought out.

HP's approach is one that that does crossover with offerings from other vendors. The big difference that HP brings to the market is a broadness of vision and the promise of a comprehensive consulting offering to ensure predictable outcomes. It's my belief this will certainly attract the attention of medium to large enterprises.

HP has chosen to offer a standards based approach to cloud management (utilising OpenStack) that will leverage multiple cloud capabilities and bring them together in one place. HP's solution aims to provide 'a single pane of glass' type toolset to manage private cloud, managed cloud and public cloud offerings. Their public cloud offering announced this week isn't available yet however will be available in public beta from May 2012.

I was impressed at how deeply HP have looked at the challenges facing businesses who wish to transition to the cloud in it's various forms. I don't envy the challenge they must have had in consolidating the expertise and ideas of hundreds (if not thousands) of cloud experts from around the world to deliver a single vision to the market.

Nothing else is more certain - enterprises see genuine business benefits in moving to the cloud and will do so at an ever increasing rate in the months and years ahead. But with fears abounding regarding security, manageability, cost overruns, performance issues and implementation failures, HP are positioning themselves as a company with the expertise to guide enterprises safely into the cloud.

From my perspective HP appear to have taken a smart and innovative approach to addressing the challenges facing enterprises as they progress to the cloud. Now it's time to sit back and wait to see just how well and how quickly they can deliver.