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Samsung Galaxy SIII – specifications, launch and availability

, posted: 4-May-2012 08:37

Today Samsung have made their global announcement for the new flagship smartphone - the Samsung Galaxy SIII. And it's nice step forward and a step up.

The handset will be publicly available from 29 May in UK and Europe - it was announced that availability in the rest of the world would follow however Vodafone NZ have already advised availability by the end of May in New Zealand.

There are many new features designed to improve the experience with this, Samsung's follow up to the widely popular Galaxy SII which sold in the region of 20-million units globally.

Of particular note from a specification perspective is the 4.8" Super AMOLED 720p display, an 8 megapixel camera that can shoot up to 20 images in burst mode at 3.3 shots/seconds, a 2100maH battery and quad core CPU. The hardware is supported by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and an updated version of the TouchWiz user interface.

The Galaxy SIII also includes some new smart features. Once such example is as a display that won't 'time out' or go to sleep as long as you're still looking at it. The Galaxy SIII uses the front facing camera to check you're still there before going to sleep. Also included is a feature which allows you to call back someone who has texted you - this is done by simple raising your phone to ear whilst on the SMS texting screen. Added to that are a range of integrated voice recognition features to users can make calls and use their device with little or no physical interaction.

There has also been mention of a 50GB Dropbox storage allocation for Galaxy SIII users - though I haven't seen that in written specs from Samsung yet.

Key specs:

- 4.8" SuperAMOLED display (1280x720)
- Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
- Quad Core CPU
- 8mp camera incl 'Best photo' function, zero shutter lag - up to 20 images in burst mode. up to 3.3 shots/second
- 1.9MP HD video capable front facing camera
- 2100maH battery
- Thickness: 8.6mm
- Weight: 133g
- 'Smart Alert' personal assistant feature
- Near Field Communications (NFC)
- 'S Beam' function uses NFC and WiFi Direct to share content phone to phone
  - All Share to a TV or projector: All Share Cast Dongle optional for non Samsung devices
- Feature to share photos to your friends - it uses facial recognition to know who to send the photo to.
- Wireless charging option
- Music Hub launching soon - initially in 6 countries then expanding globally. Matches music you own to their cloud library
- Drive link add-on - links to head deck shares calendar, navigation features, etc
- Security improved - incl mobile virtualisation functionality
- 'Inspired by Nature' features - noticed through alarms, ringtones, user experience
- TouchWiz - updated version
- Colours: Blue, White

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