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Fyx opens up Netflix, Hulu and other restricted content with pay per GB Internet service

, posted: 8-May-2012 09:05


A new Internet service has been launched - branded Fyx - and coming from the team at Maxnet. The Fyx service is set disrupt the market with two unique components bundled together:

  1. A simple low cost 'pay per Gigabyte' ADSL 2+ Internet plan
  2. Global Mode: Providing access to hundreds of international services that are usually blocked for New Zealanders. Includes Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Zune, BBC iPlayer, and hundreds more

The service is being offered at base rate of $34.34/month plus 34c per Gigabyte for data usage. As is normal for ADSL services it requires subscribers to have a landline phone connection. Alternatively for an additional $25 is available a 'Naked DSL' option is available.

Low cost data

At 34c per Gigabyte for data, this is the lowest cost per GB plan to be offered in NZ and equates to $34 for 100GB. There are services which offer packaged internet bundles at a lower rate however there downsides for a user to being locked in to a particular plan. The main limitations are having to pay for data you don't use, or the costs (or speed decreases) associated with hitting the data cap.

Netflix, Hulu and more

By offering a featured they call Global Mode, Fyx will be the first Internet offering in New Zealand that works around the issues that typically see international audio, video and other content blocked due to the user being outside the target region (such as USA or UK).

The most popular of those is probably Netflix which offers unlimited TV and movie streaming (from a specific catalog of content) for a fixed price of US$8/month. Netflix streaming services do not show adverts. After that the next most popular service is probably Hulu (free with adverts) and Hulu Plus (paid) which allow access to unlimited streaming of TV shows. Also growing in popularity is Amazon Video and the associated Amazon Prime video service which is very similar to Netflix but also has the option of a large catalog of Pay per view content.

The technology Fyx have in place to bypass IP location blocking uses an automatic proxy feature that is controlled by local DNS servers configured for the purpose. It's anticipated the service will open up access to international TV and video content for 1000s of New Zealanders who have been daunted by complexity of accessing these services previously.

Future Offerings

In the future Fyx is expected to announce offerings with speeds faster than current ADSL 2+ connections. There has been no formal announcement about service utilising VDSL and Ultra-fast Broadband (UFB) Fibre connections though these seem the most likely.

We will be discussing this topic in depth on the NZ Tech Podcast Episode 69 which records Tuesday, 8 May. The website for Fyx can be found at:

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