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Windows RT now able to use traditional Windows desktop apps (via RemoteApp)

, posted: 11-Jul-2012 01:51

With the addition of RemoteApp capabilities to Windows RT it will be possible to use most traditional Windows desktop business applications (whether Intel 32-bit or 64-bit) on the desktop on ARM based PCs and tablets. This includes Microsoft's Surface for Windows RT tablet announced in June. RemoteApp is delivered as a feature of the Remote Desktop role (previously known as Terminal Services) on Windows Server.

A demonstration of the functionality was given during Microsoft's WPC 2012 conference this week. The feature delivers to Windows RT the ability to use (or stream) hosted apps directly on the desktop via Windows Server. Prior to this demonstration I had heard of only three desktop apps would be supported on Windows RT: Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office.

The questions I am left with are:

  • Will the inclusion of RemoteApp support on Windows RT help generate a significant market share for Windows tablets in 2013 - or will the iPad and lower cost Android devices take the lions share of the tablet market?
  • And if Windows RT tablets do well - will this lead to a significant drop sales of traditional PCs?

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