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NZ Tech Podcast: Back in NZ – with the Google Nexus 7

, posted: 26-Jul-2012 21:36


Highlights in this episode of the NZ Tech Podcast (the first episode since I was in Toronto two weeks ago) - Google Nexus 7 tablet, free Ultra Fast Broadband from Orcon, Gigabit Wifi from Netgear, Microsoft's cloud friendly Office 2013, opinions on iPad mini rumours and a local IT firm fails owing $3 million but returns without the debt. And we announce our Nokia Lumia giveaway.

Nokia Lumia 610 Windows Phone giveaway:  In conjunction with we are giving away a Lumia 610 smartphone from Nokia NZ. Entering to win this stylish and cool entry level smartphone is easy:

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Notes: Winner drawn 7 August 2012. You can increase your chances by posting on more than one social network.

You can follow our host and guests via Twitter, Facebook or Google+. This week we featured Paul Spain (@paulspain) along with Nate Dunn (@nate) and PC World Editor Zara Baxter (@zarabaxter).

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