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Acer shares Windows 8 tablet pricing

, posted: 19-Sep-2012 12:11

Microsoft New Zealand have been showcasing a number of Windows 8 devices from Acer at events in recent weeks. The Acer Iconia Tab W510 and Iconia Tab W700 particularly stood out to me so I asked for more detail.

As it happens, pricing for the New Zealand market has already been quietly made public here. Acer's Iconia W510 Windows 8 tablet runs on a dual core Intel Atom and 64GB storage starts at NZ$999 incl tax (NZ$868+tax). A direct conversion would make this US$712 excluding tax (as the norm for US pricing).

The current 64GB Wi-Fi iPad sells in NZ$1029 incl tax - and in it's home market for US$699. If Acer uses a similar conversion rate then the Iconia W510 will be priced no more than a similar iPad. In some cases New Zealand prices (due to the size and remoteness of this market) are 10% or so higher than in the US - if that were case on this occasion the US Iconia would be even more attractive.

The Acer W510 pricing seems to solidly undercut possible tablet pricing which ZDNet reported on 2 days ago as starting at US$799 for an Asus Atom based tablet.

Acer also shared pricing on the higher end Iconia W700 which sports 128GB SSD storage, a 1.7ghz Intel i5 processor and a 11.6" full HD display. That starts at NZ$1799 incl tax - which translates to a likely US$1299 in the American market.

We discussed this information last night on the NZ Tech Podcast episode 89.


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