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iPhone 5 shipping in NZ

, posted: 28-Sep-2012 07:45

Last night Vodafone NZ and Telecom NZ had launch parties for the iPhone 5 at their respective Auckland headquarters. The iPhone 5 has became available at both locations along with other company stores around the country for those willing to sign up on a 24-month term contract.

Outright purchases of the iPhone 5 were also launched courtesy of Apple's online store. Delivery of initial orders is showing as being delayed 3-4 weeks.

Existing Telecom and Vodafone customers have voiced some frustrations that neither company are making the iPhone 5 generally available for outright purchase. It's understood that the policy to limit to iPhone 5 handsets to new contract signups only is already under review with at least one of the two carriers.

Some 100-200 buyers arrived at each telco's main Auckland locations with varying numbers at other stores. The smallest turnout was Dunedin where about 20 buyers faced the cold in order to attend the midnight launch.

To encourage attendance, build a buzz and entertain both Telecom and Vodafone ran promotions with local radio stations and had celebrities in attendance. Jonah Lomu was in attendance and interviewed at Telecom's launch. Vodafone used ex-Shortland Street actor Kim Crossman as an MC during their event.

Images from the iPhone 5 launch events in Auckland


Vodafone - iPhone 5 - DSC04622 (800x533)Vodafone - iPhone 5 - DSC04624 (800x533)Vodafone - iPhone 5 - DSC04625 (800x533)Telecom NZ iPhone 5 launch - Jonah Lomu - DSC04650 (800x533)Telecom NZ iPhone 5 launch - Jonah Lomu - DSC04649 (800x533)Vodafone iPhone 5 - DSC04602 (800x533)

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