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Windows 8 likely available first in NZ – but first launch event to be in NYC

, posted: 16-Oct-2012 21:55

Microsoft have started sending out invites to the Windows 8 launch event taking place in Auckland, New Zealand from 8am on 26 October. That time translates to 3pm on 25 October in New York City - some hours behind the New York City launch event taking place at Pier 57 from 10am on 25 October.

It is however expected that due to time zone advantages Windows 8 will likely go on sale in New Zealand ahead of other markets internationally.

A similar situation arose with the availability of Windows Phone 7 and also Windows 7. At this stage it is not clear if there will be much (if any) major new information about Windows 8 provided at the launch events.

It has been indicated by Microsoft NZ that local developers of Windows 8 (and by definition Windows RT) apps will be in attendance at the event. Along with that attendance we expect to hear news of new apps being released in conjunction with the Windows 8 launch. New Zealand has become known for punching above it's weight when it comes to app development for new platforms.

We managed to get hands on time with some of Samsung's and HP's upcoming Windows 8 and Windows RT devices a few days ago. View the videos (or subscribe) via the GlobalVoiceMedia YouTube channel.

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