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Microsoft Surface Pro pricing and availability confirmed

, posted: 17-May-2013 15:12


Although Microsoft are yet to make a formal announcement concerning Surface Pro pricing in New Zealand some details have been shared by retailer Noel Lemming today. Noel Leeming's website shows a listing for Microsoft's Surface Pro 64GB and 128GB tablets starting at $1349.

Availability begins on 30 May, and pre-orders have been priced as follows:

These prices compare to US$899 and US$999 for the Surface Pro when purchased in the United States. It should be noted that the US prices exclude tax, while the NZ prices include 15% GST.

Based on current exchange rates if NZ prices were to be converted directly from US dollar price and have GST added they would look something like this:

  • Microsoft's Surface Pro 64GB: $1266.15
  • Microsoft's Surface Pro 128GB: $1407.56

Essential accessories such as the Touch Cover and Type Cover are additional ($184.99 and $199.99 respectively). A stylus based on Wacom technology is bundled with the Surface Pro.

It's worth noting the that Surface Pro devices are really something unique, and if this is what you're looking for then are worthy of consideration. Interesting they start at around half the price of Lenovo's (also unique) Windows 8 based ThinkPad Helix tablet/convertible in the NZ market. It appears that New Zealand customers pay an even higher premium for the ThinkPad Helix than they do for the Microsoft Surface.

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