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Netflix announces NZ pricing (and Australian pricing too)

, posted: 23-Mar-2015 08:46

Netflix have announced their monthly pricing options and they significantly undercut the competition as expected.

Plans are as follows:

  • Single-stream standard definition plan for NZ $9.99 (Australia: AU$8.99)
  • Two-stream high-definition plan for NZ $12.99 (Australia: AU$11.99)
  • Four-stream 4K ultra-high definition "family" plan for NZ $15.99 (Australia: AU$14.99)

Netflix advise all new subscribers will be offered a free, one-month trial by signing up at

We'll be discussing this in more detail on the NZ Tech Podcast this week.

Initial content available to stream includes an array of Netflix original series, stand-up comedy specials and documentaries, including the family thriller, Bloodline, starring Ben Mendelsohn, Sissy Spacek and Kyle Chandler; the epic adventure story of Marco Polo; the sharp and witty Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt; Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me Live; Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies: Bare; DreamWorks Animation's The Adventures of Puss in Boots; and the Academy Award-nominated documentary Virunga, among others. In the coming months, Netflix members will exclusively enjoy the gritty action drama Marvel's Daredevil; the dramatic thriller Sense8; the filmed-in-New Zealand movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II: The Green Destiny; and the comedy series Grace and Frankie

At launch and beyond, members can enjoy an exciting range of exclusive and licensed content from many of the world's leading distributors including Warner Bros., BBC, FOX, NBC Universal, Village Roadshow Entertainment, Beyond Distribution, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and The Walt Disney Company.

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