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NZ Tech Podcast 313: Amazon Go, John Key’s legacy, Goodnest, Media Design School, Network 4 Learning, Uber Eats NZ

, posted: 10-Dec-2016 11:37



This week on NZ Tech Podcast we discussed Amazon Go – the new bricks & mortar supermarket with checkouts. In studio guest James MacAvoy shared about NZ startup Goodnest and how it provides discount access to cleaners, electricians and other homes service. Ex Game producer Himanshu Khanna talked about coming to NZ and ultimately leading Media Design School’s gaming courses.

Other topics - John Key’s legacy, Network 4 Learning rollout completion, Uber Eats NZ, Netflix offline hands on, Android Pay, Slingshot power and gas, Mediaworks Rova, Pebble joining Fitbit and Amazon Australia.


Hosted by Paul Spain (@paulspain) and this week's guests were Himanshu Khanna of Media Design School and James MacAvoy founder/CEO of Goodnest.


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