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Home Tech Review: Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Purifier

, posted: 21-Dec-2017 09:04

Dyson Pure Hot Cool

At home, my family purchased our first Dyson product (a vacuum cleaner) in 2016 and had no complaints – so when Dyson offered to send another product in my direction my wife, Selina, suggested we should try it. So we set about trying it - with Selina also contributing to this review.

In simple terms the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Purifier is an air purifier and fan with both cooling and heating capability. It utilises the bladeless fan technology that Dyson first launched in 2009 referring to it as an ‘air multiplier’ thanks to the increased airflow compared to a normal fan.

With plenty of families concerned about having a healthy environment in the home, there's certainly an attraction to having a fan that not only helps with cooling (through air movement) and heats - but also measures and purifies the air.

Tech – In a fan?

So what’s the tech element? On top of Dyson’s pretty cool (excuse the pun) bladeless design, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool has wireless connectivity so you can control it via Dyson’s app on your phone.

The things you can control via the Dyson app:

  • Scheduled time for fan to go on/off - on a weekly calendar (perfect to heat a room automatically on winter mornings)
  • Low power semi-continuous operation mode to measure air quality 24/7
  • Set fan speed (on a scale of 1-10)
  • Set target room temperature

Initially I anticipated there would be a limitation on fan control to when you’re in the same physical location in order to control the Pure Hot+Cool. I was pleasantly surprised to find it’s fully cloud connected and can be controlled via an Internet connection from anywhere in the world. This was handy when I had it set to warm up my office each morning automatically (due to an air conditioning fault) and then remembered this whilst I was overseas and therefore was able to go ahead and cancel this schedule and turn it off. And thanks to it having Bluetooth (in addition to Wi-Fi) is was remarkably simple to setup from both iPhone and Android.

Overall, we found the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool to be very good. Really, only three negatives stood out:

  • It’s not a low cost device (close to NZ$1,000), and the same goes for replacement air filters
  • It needed setting up again to re-enable app control when moving it to another Wi-Fi network such as at a holiday home or your office

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