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Microsoft wants to fire your receptionist, are you and I next?

, posted: 25-Jul-2008 09:52

Every year robots get a little more capable. In Japan where there has been a short supply of security guards they've built security robots to patrols malls at night.

Now Microsoft are showing off there latest foray in robotics with a new receptionist for their campus in Redmond.

I'm just wondering when someone will offer robotic replacements for you and I? And am I the only one who found it weird that a movie about Robots trying to take over the world was called i Robot (st (read the entire post)...

SQL Server 2008 to ship next month? (updated)

, posted: 10-Jul-2008 18:31

It seems possible that SQL Server 2008 will be available from August. Comments made at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference indicate that SQL Server 2008 is on the verge of being released.

Bob Kelly, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Infrastructure Server Marketing, told attendees at the Conference that SQL Server 2008 will be on the August price list. It's not usual for Microsoft to have products on their price list that are not available, so there's a good chance the code c (read the entire post)...

Silverlight 2 beta 2 available (updated with download links)

, posted: 4-Jun-2008 22:34

Silverlight 2 beta 2 is now available. So what? Well, I don't think many Flash developers will care, or even be aware of this event.

What I am expecting is that the mass of developers and organisations who have sidelined Flash will be happy to leverage Silverlight 2 since it builds on the skills they already and works with tools they know (i.e. Visual Studio).

I know for instance that the Cloud Labs team will be using Silverligh 2b2 to create improved and more responsive us (read the entire post)...