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Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) beta shines

, posted: 16-Sep-2010 18:24

I have been using the new Internet Explorer 9 beta today and have been very impressed so far. Bearing in mind it's just a beta and still likely some months away from final release it's reliability and responsiveness is excellent. IE 9 is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.With Internet Explorer 9's improved performance and standards support including HTML5 it seems to address most techical reasons why Windows users have often been using competing browser (read the entire post)...

Gorilla Technology offering free IT help to firms offline due to the Christchurch Earthquake

, posted: 6-Sep-2010 14:21

It appears that little attention is being given to supporting those firms who have lost infrastructure or data and may fail as a result of the earthquake on Saturday.

In order to assist some of the affected small-medium businesses Gorilla Technology is flying me to Christchurch today. I will be able to provide a mix of hands on help and consulting advice for businesses wondering how to get back up and running again. Free assistance will be offered on a first-in-first-served type basi (read the entire post)...

Windows Phone 7 software (RTM) ships – is an update coming on launch day?

, posted: 2-Sep-2010 10:05

At a point where the anticipation for Windows Phone 7 seems to be reaching fever pitch amongst many gadget lovers and Microsoft faithful, it has been announced that the Windows Phone 7 software has been released to handset manufacturers. In the October/November timeframe the public can expect to see a range of handsets released from a selection of manufacturers that includes LG, Dell, Samsung and Asus. Over the next few days I will post a detailed preview of the Windows Phone 7 software here bas (read the entire post)...

Update to Email system ships - Exchange Server 2010 SP1

, posted: 26-Aug-2010 08:26

Microsoft have launched Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 to businesses - following a public beta programme that has been running since June. This release brings a raft of new features just 10 months after the initial version of Exchange Server 2010 initially shipped.

The areas where new or improved functionality has been added include:
- Database Integrity Checker (ISinteg) - now operates online
- Outlook Web App - improved performance and functionality
- Database Av (read the entire post)...

Did Apple Lie? Steve Jobs admits iPhone 4 hardware has issues with reception

, posted: 17-Jul-2010 07:43

Apple held a press conference today where Steve Jobs admitted that the iPhone 4 does have reception issues with it's hardware - this is in conflict to a previous press statement that said the issue was a software one. Interestingly Steve Jobs says ALL other smartphones also have the same sort of problem. In the press conference Apple showed video footage of a number of other smartphones experiencing related issues. In some quick testing here I have yet been unable to replicate the issues yet wit (read the entire post)...

WPC 2010: Keynote–Steve Ballmer, Bob Muglia

, posted: 13-Jul-2010 00:52

Live blogging from Washington DC… Key stats highlighted early on this session - 9,500 Microsoft partners and 3,000 Microsoft staff from 130 countries in attendance at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2010 (WPC 201). In total Microsoft has 640,000 partners globally. Highlights: The Cloud A big spiel from Steve Balmer about the cloud and the changes and opportunities it will bring. He presents a number of scenarios where the cloud will benefit both customers and partners. Windows 7 (read the entire post)...

What is Widows Live: New branding from Microsoft? Software for those who have lost a husband?

, posted: 30-Jun-2010 20:17

I received the following message from Microsoft this evening. I wonder if it indicates a typo by the author, an upcoming branding change for the Windows Live brand, or a new product for those who have suffered a tragedy?! Bearing in mind there are 360 million Hotmail users it’s strange that this sort of thing could slip out by mistake. (The yellow highlight below is mine) (read the entire post)...

Windows Live Essentials beta launches (Wave 4)

, posted: 24-Jun-2010 23:52

Microsoft are today making available for download the beta / preview version of their new Live Essentials suite. This collection of free applications is designed for home users to handle photo importing/editing/uploading/sharing, blog posting, basic video editing, email and instant messaging.Download Windows Live Essentials beta here. Promo Video for Windows Live Essentials beta preview. (read the entire post)...

Kinect (Project Natal) and New Slim Xbox 360 launched

, posted: 15-Jun-2010 09:37

This morning Microsoft have formally announced a new slim Xbox 360 console which includes 250gb Hard Drive and Wireless N networking. It is both smaller and quieter than the existing Xbox 360 and apparently includes a new 45nm CPU that has the graphics processor integrated. No word yet on what impact this has on performance (if any). Launch is the U.S. is 15 June, with international launch 16 July.

Pricing is US $299 - the same as the current Xbox Elite. Expect International pricing t (read the entire post)...

Final iPhone 4 specs and photos (confirmed)

, posted: 7-Jun-2010 10:16

Final images and details have been released about the iPhone 4 by Apple. Take a look here at the images and details. This article is all now confirmed official - rather than the unconfirmed details originally listed yesterday - though largely predictions were almost exact except that there is no 64gb edition. Details: First availability from 24 June (July in NZ, Australia, and many others) Faster CPU (A4 CPU made by Apple) Higher screen resolution (960x640 pixels) Multitasking Improved Camer (read the entire post)...