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Silverlight 3 launches

, posted: 10-Jul-2009 08:44

Today Microsoft made Silverlight 3 available for download - one day ahead of the expected launch. You can download it here.

Stay tuned for more info rolling in with the official launch, however don't expect much to different from the Silverlight 3 beta release I wrote about some months ago. There is an extensive list of new features here on on Tim Heuer's blog, along with detail about the new/updated tools - Silverlight 3 Tools for Visual Studio, Expression Blend 3, etc. (read the entire post)...

Contrary to the rumours, Microsoft Response Point 2.0 is coming

, posted: 24-May-2009 22:30

In recent weeks a number of major websites and blogs have been highlighting concern surrounding the future of Microsoft's groundbreaking small business phone system - Response Point. And with good reason because during Microsoft's recent round of layoffs a number of the Response Point team were lost.

Add to the layoffs public comments from Microsoft that are unclear regarding the future of the product and it's understandable that early adopters might be concerned they will be stuck wi (read the entire post)...

Exchange Server 2010 Beta available for download

, posted: 15-Apr-2009 20:23

Microsoft have quietly made available a beta version of Exchange Server 2010 (aka Exchange 14) today. Along with the beta product is documentation and system requirements. Things to be aware of with this release include:
- minimum RAM for the product has increased from 2gb to 4gb
- Windows Server 2008 x64 is required (Windows Server 2003 x64 is no longer supported)

With a raft of new features adoption of this new release is expected to be rapid, particularly for customers wh (read the entire post)...

Silverlight 3 announced

, posted: 19-Mar-2009 15:05

Microsoft have announced Silverlight 3 during their MIX09 developers conference. So, what's news?

Fully supported by Visual Studio and Expression Blend, highlights of new features and functionality of Silverlight 3 include: major media enhancements, out of browser support allowing Web applications to work on the desktop; significant graphics improvements including 3D graphics support, GPU acceleration and H.264 video support; and many features to improve RIA development productivity. (read the entire post)...

Exchange 2010 (aka Exchange 14) not far off - updated

, posted: 17-Mar-2009 05:10

There's been a lot of interest in the sucessor to Exchange Server 2007 since Microsoft announced the TAP (Technology Adoption Programme) for Exchnage Server 14 last year. It now seems likely that the Exchange Server 2010 will be released to manufacturing between late September and mid-late Q4 2009.

Feaures slated for the new release include:
- An updated OWA (Outlook Web Access) client that provides equal functionality in Firefox and Safari as is provided in Internet Explorer
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IT Support – time to take an exciting next step?

, posted: 2-Feb-2009 23:12

Gorilla Technology is looking for a keen and enthusiastic person to join our team - someone who both learns technical things very quickly and has great people skills.If you're looking for 'just another job' then this probably isn't the role for you. At Gorilla we work differently from other companies and we're looking for someone who stands out.

There is much to Gorilla's special sauce (we call it 'The Gorilla Way') that differentiates us. From an employee perspective you'll benefit f (read the entire post)...

Product Keys for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 beta

, posted: 11-Jan-2009 10:46

If you've downloaded either Windows 7 beta or Windows Server 2008 R2 beta you'll need a product key if you wish to activate it and use it for more than 30 days. The product keys will extend the usage period to 1 August 2009 (it will expire on that date).

To obtain a key for Windows 7, follow this link:

Keys for Windows Server 2008 R2 beta are as follows:

- Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta Enterprise (7 (read the entire post)...

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 betas available for download (Links Updated)

, posted: 9-Jan-2009 00:49

Microsoft have made the beta versions of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 betas available for download effective immediately. The initial downloads are for MSDN and Technet subscribers, however others will also have access from Friday, 9 January (Pacific Time - USA/Canada).

In a statement, Microsoft advise the Windows 7 beta which will be downloadable from will be available to the first 2.5 million downloaders only. How long it will take to be downloaded by that many (read the entire post)...

25gb free online file storage - with update to Windows Live services

, posted: 4-Dec-2008 05:15

Overnight Microsoft have updated a number of their Windows Live Services as part of the 'Wave 3' launch. One feature of immediate interest is increased storage being provided by Windows Live Skydrive. This has jumped from 5gb free storage 25gb.

Click through to take a look: Windows Live Photos, Windows Live Skydrive, Windows Live Groups, Windows Live People, and the Windows Live Home

During the launch process I found that the name servers for were timing out so cou (read the entire post)...

New Zealand's biggest internet failure? (updated)

, posted: 29-Nov-2008 14:59

New Zealand's largest Telco and Internet Service Provider has suffered one of the worst internet outages ever experienced in this country. Reports started coming in between 9pm - 11pm on Friday night of internet connections outages, websites dropping offline and widespread email outages.

The impact on customers of Telecom New Zealand was swift with not only home and business broadband internet connections failing, but major brands such as Dick Smith Electronics and Tip Top (read the entire post)...